Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Stuff

We've been busy this month! I've gotten a little behind in pictures so here's some of what we have been doing!

Adam's 28th birthday (I know, he's getting old) was on the 26th so we went out to dinner, ate some cake and watched some movies. I hope he had a great day, he deserves it!

I think Ethan was excited to see fire, he's our little pyro!

Easter Sunday we went to church and came home to take pictures of Ethan. So we put his Easter basket next to him and of course he grabs a piece of candy and shoves it in his mouth. He thought is was so funny that he was eating a piece of candy that was way to big for his mouth.

Then came the chocolate drool all over his nice suit, good thing he is so cute!

The week before Easter Adam's mom and younger brother came to visit. Ethan loved having his grandma here to take care of him and his uncle to play with. They left early Saturday morning, so when Ethan woke they were gone. I was walking out to the family room with him and he got a big smile on his face, but as he turned the corner and saw that they were gone he totally got sad and was looking for them, it was so cute!

While they were here, we took Ethan to the park. He absolutely loved the slide. I think he would have gone down himself if we had let him. He's getting way to brave for me!

Ethan was getting really mad because he couldn't get his car up the steps. When he gets mad he screams, bites, and throws things...what a sweet little angel!
Well after I took the picture he was all smiles, little stinker!

This is my favorite picture. Adam took this the other night and he totally looks drunk! I promise he's not!


Adam & Samantha said...

This is Adam...thanks for being a wonderful are really nice and really freaking hot!

The High Family- said...

I can't believe that Ethan is going to be one in a few days! He is so cute and I love his Easter outfit! Oh ya, happy birthday Adam! He is inching closer to 30...that old fart! I am jealous that you got to see Jeremy and my mom. I bet it was fun. She says your house is really beautiful and that she was so happy to see you guys. Our turn to visit next!!

Harding Family said...

Okay...I think he is the cutest little man ever! Love the new background too, come do mine please. What site do you use? Boston loves the park too!!!

Kortney said...

Ethan is so adorable!!! His Easter outfit is the cutest ever! I love the hat! I wish I could have gone to see him with mom and Jeremy! I am so jeolous! I hope you both are doing well! Happy Late Birthday Adam!!! I hope it was amazing! Love and miss you all!

Shawna said...

Ethan is adorable! You need to update more often, it's so fun to see new pics of you guys! Happy birthday Adam...I don't know if he remembers me but that's o.k. Sam you are still as beautiful as always!

the boyd family said...

oh don't you hate that chocolate drool!!! and i have such a hard time getting it out!!!

ethan is totally cute, i love that one of grabbing the candy out of the basket and putting a huge piece in his mouth... his smile shows it all, he knows he's all that! :)

Reina said...

I love that he stole the candy and put in his mouth too cute!! And I love Adam's comment so sweet and funny the "nice" part:)