Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Lake Trip

This weekend we were going to go to the lake, but of course, our boat wasn't working. To make a long boring story short, Adam and my dad finally got it running. So this morning we packed up Ethan and the dogs and headed down to Patagonia Lake to make sure that it did actually run so that we wouldn't get stranded this weekend. Thankfully we didn't get stuck out in the middle of the lake. Ethan wasn't quite sure what was going on. He was more interested in all of the fun stuff he could put in his mouth than anything else.
Our dogs, on the other hand, loved it. A few times they almost dove in head first when we were going pretty fast. Luckily they waited until we were stopped at an island. The first thing Munster did was lay down in the nice fresh smelling lake water. So she smelled really good on the way home.

Just ignore my gleaming whiteness.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some random pics

Mmmm Yummy! We started him on rice cereal and he chows down on it. He eats it so fast I don't think he even knows whats going on and of course he makes a mess, but what can I expect, he takes after his daddy. A few days ago he started sticking his tongue out all the time, but as soon as I pull out the camera, it's gone. So I have like 100 pics of him almost sticking his tongue out, but I finally got a few!

He's on the move. A few weeks ago he learned to get up on all fours, but of course when I get the camera out, his arms and legs go flailing all over the place so I have tons of pics of him just laying there, but I finally got some of him up on his hands and knees. He's scoots really fast too. As soon as he sees something he wants, he is gone. I guess we better get started on baby proofing because he is going to be into everything!
Sometimes he can't quite stay up.

His new favorite toys are our dogs and cats, luckily the dogs and cats are still faster than he is but Dessa actually likes to play with him. When he starts to get fussy or tired of playing with his toys I make the dogs sit in the room with him and just stairs and laughs at them. The other day Dessa was trying to play with him and he loved it!


Yesterday we took Ethan to Mexico. We strapped him in his little backpack and he was ready to go. He loved looking at everything, his little arms and leg went crazy everytime he saw something he liked.

As soon as he got in the car, he was out, isn't he sweet when he sleeps?!