Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

For Christmas this year my sister Stephanie, her husband Fred and their 5 kids, Ashlie, Josh, Jason, Jared, and Justin, that live in North Carolina, made the very long drive out here to surprise my parents for Christmas. I thought my mom was going to fall over when her and my dad opened the door to find all 7 of them standing on their porch. It was sooo hard to keep it a secret from my parents, but it was so worth it when we saw the shock on their faces! They were here for 2 weeks so I've been a little busy. We had a great time with and were very sad to see them leave. Hopefully they will be moving out here sometime next year( Hint Hint). Anyways here are some pictures of Christmas and some other stuff that we did while they were here!

Christmas Morning
Here's Ethan eating the paper...

This was one of his favorite toys, thanks Dottie & Jerry Eating more paper...

This is my mom opening her trip to Hawaii, must be nice!!
Fred, the trash man, and Justin, Josh, and Steph
Jared ripping open his presents
Jason with his remote helicopter..hopefully it's not broken yet Yes, that is a sucker, and yes it was like 9:30 at night... whatever!

Ethan and Justin in the wagon, they both loved being pulled around, didn't matter where, as long as it was moving!

Justin had his 4th birthday on the 27th so we had a little party with a pinata and cake. Don't ask me why we did the pinata in my mom's living room with the kids blind folded and with a big black stick, and with Adam holding it with his hands?!?! Sounds crazy, but actually nothing got broken.

Here is Justin, just after sneezing all over the cake, Mmmmmm Mmmmm!

Here are all the Mageau's with Grandpa
Since my entire family was actually in the same place, we tried to take some pictures. They turned out ok, most of us are looking at the camera, some aren't but whatever, at least we are all together!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear Kelsey,

Happy Birthday To You!!

We hope you have a GREAT DAY! We wish we could be there with you to celebrate but we're stuck in Tucson! Make sure everyone spoils you on your special day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you are the best!
Adam, Samantha, Ethan, and the cats and dogs!
We love you

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cleaning my windows...Pointless

I was watching Ethan through the window of our living room and he was happily putting his fingers all over the window. . .

Then I looked up and saw this, and had to get the camera!

He just kept doing it and loved it! Luckily I got it on camera. Now my windows have fingerprints, slobber, and of course snot all smeared together to make a nice mess! Isn't that the cutest face ever, even if it it all squished up against the window!


This is the Thanksgiving we had at my parents house. Of course all the men are sitting around watching... can you guess?? Football, of course.

Here we are pigging out, and I do mean pigging out,we hardly had any leftovers.
Ethan had his share too, but he didn't really like it. He wanted his yummy pureed turkey and sweet potatoes mix, Mmmm Mmmmm Good!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some Random Pictures

Attack of the prunes. . . Ethan swatted my hand just as I was about to feed him some prunes and of course right after that he rubbed his eye and for some reason he thought it was really funny.

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and their 4 little munchkins. My brother has like a million guns so Adam decided it would be cute to have Ethan pose with these huge guns, I didn't really like the idea but whatever.

I tried to get all the kids together but Lucas was asleep and Livvi just kept running away so we got Hallie, Ben, and Ethan sitt'n pretty.
This is my mom and she would KILL ME if she know that I had this picture on the Internet for anyone to look at. My mom HATES her picture taken. I seriously don't have any pictures of her just smiling at the camera. She was so mad after I took this picture, oh well, at least she doesn't know what I'm doing with it!

The cutest little U of A Fan EVER! I got this little warm up suit for like 5 bucks and I love it because it's U of A, Adam hates it because it's U of A, but oh well I dress him so I get to decide what he wears, besides he looks so dang cute in it!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ok ok, here are the Halloween Pictures Finally

Sorry this is a few days late, I got lazy.For Halloween Ethan had 2 costumes, thanks to Jacey and Reina. But the pumpkin didn't fit right and he kept taking the hat off, so he was a little froggy.
I don't think it matters what he dresses up as, he is still the cutest kid ever! Of course I am just a little biased!
Isn't he smart? He stuck his tongue out just like a frog, he's going to be a genius!
And of course Adam and I had to dress up as football players. We have a deal that each year one of us gets to dress up the other one, obviously this was Adam's year. Oh just wait until next year sweetie. . . . .
These are some pics from trunk - or -treat with my Grandpa, mom and dad.
I'm not sure what he was laughing about here, but I'm pretty sure he had his first sugar high, thanks to daddy. He slipped him a few sucks of a lollipop and he loved it of course!
This one is kind of random. But he woke up from his nap one day and his hair was all over the place, I thought it was so funny because that is exactly how his daddy's hair is!

Friday, October 12, 2007

What a man!!

Adam has been trying to get out these big ugly palm tree stumps out of our yard ever since we moved in. This week, he finally got 1 out of 3 out! All he needed was a match, a hose, and a lot of gasoline, I know kind of scary. And of course he happily posed for this picture.
Now, the other man...

YEAH! He started to crawl. About a week ago he finally figured out how to move his hands and knees with out face planting it to the ground. Now he's crawling EVERYWHERE and still into EVERYTHING all the time, he definitely keeps us on our toes!

No he's not drugged, he's just pooped! I guess all that crawling wore him out. I couldn't resist taking his picture. I'm sure he will thank me later.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh we're in trouble

Just a warning, this post has a ton of pics. Ethan has been getting into EVERYTHING! So we took some pics of him being a little stinker. The other ones are just some that we
thought were too cute not to post.
First came the bookshelf... Check out the guilty look on his face
But of course he is WAY too cute to get upset with, so...
Ethan destroyed his first book.Then came conquering the steps to get to mommy's shoes Then off to the plaster, who needs toys?!?!Then, of course, he decides to head over to the piano, not to play, just to hit it. All of these pictures were taken within about 3 minutes. He his getting really fast, and he isn't even
crawling yet!! When he is not getting into the other stuff, he scoots over to this giant plate that we got and don't know where to put yet, so Ethan gets in it and just plays, don't ask me how he plays with it, he just does and loves it. I'm seriously not buying anymore toys!!

Whenever he is in his room by himself and has decided he has had enough, he presses his head against the crib and yells until he sees someone, then laughs.

Now he can pull himself up, so he doesn't have to squish his face up against the crib, but he still yells, little stinker!!

YEAH! He can sit up alone! He is still a little wobbly, but he does a pretty good job of catching himself now.Adam and his little twin (don't ask me what Ethan is doing)His hair is finally long enough to do it, so Adam put some stuff in it and spiked it. Look how cute he is, even with a big ol' thing of drool coming out of his mouth =)